IceGen Food & Beverages Solutions

By homogeneously freezing perishable food products, IceGen food and beverage has revolutionized the storage and transport process. With transport and shelf life extended Icegen provides way of freezing product without a loss in quality.

Food & Beverages

The food and beverage industries involve extremely important processes that require rapid and timely cooling care. These industries need to operate in large scale to protect the quality, texture and taste consistency of their products during processing, storage and transportation. IceGen’s technology has provided the necessary solutions that face these industries.

Complete Customized Solutions

Faster freezing, longer lasting

Our Equipment Makes Sense

Flow rates for food/production range from 5-200 GPM and a daily output of 20-1000 tons. 



Pump Recirculation (ideal), flooded or direct expansion

Power Supply

240-550 Volts, single or 3 phase, 50/60 cycle


From 12 sq.ft. to 50 sq.ft.


Allan Bradley, Siemens or others to suit clients’ needs

Case Study: Drum Freezing

Fruit Juice Producer


  • Major North American Citrus Juice Producer with limited plant freezer capacity
  • Costly 3rd party storage rental
  • 9-12 days to reach 100% freezing
  • Can’t meet volume demands of rest of the facility growth
  • Inconsistent temperature control in freezer at times is trying to process and freeze 55 gallon drums of juice


  • Introduction of an IceGen machine at the end of the drum filling line
  • Custom control of 25-50 GPM depending on current desired output
  • Installed and operating within 8 weeks of order


  • Freezing time dropped by 70% to 3-4 days
  • Avoided constructing new freezer saving $2.1M
  • Avoided costly 3rd party freezer surcharges during peak season
  • Elimination of aseptic bags/transport
  • Capital Investment paid back within 16 month in savings

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