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IceGen: Food & Beverages Solutions

The most efficient processing, storage and transport in the industry.

IceGen’s solutions create an aqueous mixture of ice and water used for rapid temperature change and thermal storage. This solution can easily be produced in sugar juices, salt brines and alcohol solutions. It handles like water but cools like a block of ice.

The applications are endless, the solutions are simple.


  • Drum freezing product
  • Bulk shipping product
  • Wax / oil separation
  • Pulp storage and freezing
  • Puree chilling and freezing
  • Freeze concentrate
  • In field freezing of delicate juices
  • Chilling non-pasturized juices


  • Much faster freezing times
  • Lower energy cost to freeze
  • Improved quality control
  • Much longer transport window
  • Much lower cost than cooling alternatives
  • Eliminate offloading issues
  • No hazardous materials in plant
  • Faster process & production time
  • Continuous process versus batch
  • Enhanced product taste
  • Works when heat exchangers can’t
  • Produce Concentrate without heat
  • Faster than a blast freezer with less energy than a cold room
  • Complete retention of “freshness”
  • Slush Pineapple/other delicate juices within minutes of extraction
  • Instantly cools juice to freeze point
  • Won’t harm pulp / fruit pieces

Case Study: Tanker Transportation


  • A major North American juice producer sends product overland in insulated tankers.
  • To maintain chilling, tankers are charged with liquid nitrogen at a cost over $200 in some cases up to 400$ per 5000 gallon tanker
  • Tankers often arrive at destination with the product still frozen solid and cannot be emptied
  • Nitrogen process not closed to contamination


  • Introduce an IceGen machine at the end of the filling line and fill each truck with a 5% to 20% juice slurry


  • Electricity costs for Slurry were $16 per tanker versus $200 for Nitrogen
  • Hazardous Liquid Nitrogen was eliminated from the factory environment
  • Extremely uniform temperature distribution and 1000 times ice surface area
  • Juice slurry Tankers maintained temperature below 32F for 24+ July days in Florida
  • Tankers ALWAYS unloaded at destination whether slurry is 100% melted or not
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