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IceGen: Industrial & Recreational Solutions

The most efficient processing, storage and transport in the industry.

The high quality of IceGen’s systems allows the end product protection from frost damage with no residues as compared to other commercial systems. We are committed to provide professional guidance to clients with the engineering capabilities of our technology so they can be assured to make an informed decision selecting the best options the industry has to offer in cooling and in refrigeration.

Our technology has been present and applied in sports venues such as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia and other flexible applications such as wastewater treatment, oil and gas installations and fresh produce processing plants.

Explore the possibilities and take the advantages of advanced technological refrigeration and cooling installation systems that serve industrial needs with timely freezing, thermal processing, storage and facilitates conveyance of delicate products.


  • Rapid product freezing
  • Bulk conveyance and shipping
  • Fruits, juice, pulp and storage
  • Fish processing on site and portable units
  • Wastewater maintenance and purification
  • Oil and gas piping maintenance
  • HVAC direct and indirect refrigeration


  • On site and portable operations
  • Batch or continuous applications
  • Reduce pumping and power costs
  • Preserves and protects products integrity
  • Much faster freezing times
  • Lower energy cost to freeze
  • Improved quality control
  • Much longer transport window
  • Much lower cost than cooling alternatives
  • Eliminate offloading issues
  • No hazardous materials in plant
  • Faster process & production time
  • Works when heat exchangers can’t
  • Faster than a blast freezer with less energy than a cold room
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