This is IceGen


IceGen’s ice aqueous solutions have unique and very desirable characteristic in their ability to absorb large quantities of heat without incurring any appreciable increase in temperature when coming into contact with products. Furthermore, depending on the ice crystal size distribution, the fluid can be maintained stable with excellent flow properties for extended periods of time supplying more cooling capacity than chilled water, flake and solid ice.

IceGen units are available in configurations with mass flow rates from 5 to 200 GPM and can deliver a daily output of 20 to 1,000 tons. Customizable actual system capacities are based on the weight of ice crystals fraction suspension in the solution and the type of freezing point depressant agents clients require. This process is flexible and can be automated to generate variable crystallization rates and sizes to meet different loads for ice distribution and suspension blending.


IceGen technology was engineered and designed to provide consistent crystallization particle size and rate distribution to ice crystals. This is crucial to impart superior fluid suspension and rheological properties to flow in aqueous solutions. IceGen’s technology has optimized sensible and latent heat thermal and mass transfer unit operations to facilitate easy storage, transportation and pump delivery discharge. Our high efficiency designs meet industrial needs with substantial cost operating saving by utilizing off peak power.

Quality Control and Assurance

IceGen is committed to the development, documentation and implementation of strict quality control and risk analysis safety management policies that meet and surpass industry standards. All our installations and system designs are verified to meet municipal, Provincial, State & Federal regulations and industry compliance.

IceGen’s system units are built from high quality materials and electromechanical components specifications to guarantee smooth and hazardous free processing operations. Our quality and assurance policies provide additional advantages focused on the capabilities to efficiently modulate fluid and ice crystals with several characteristics for thermal stability, mass flow rate velocities discharge and pressure requirements.

Each system undergoes rigorous testing procedures to provide reliable long lasting service and trouble free operation in hard environments and conditions. Our clients have always relied on our specialized engineering team for all their cooling systems quality performance.

Process Control and Integration

IceGen units can easily be integrated with comprehensive automated and process control system architectures and protocols. Network logic and operating system implementation are available for most PLC’s, touch screen, motor variable speed drives, Modbus, BACnet, data acquisition and SCADA robust interfaces.

System Maintenance

Our streamlined approach to design does not require long defrost periods and cleansing cycles that could last from days to weeks in some industrial units. Production disruptions, with IceGen systems, are kept to a minimum due to the service panel design that allows quick access for clean up or upgrading operations.

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