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Since its inception, more than 40 years ago, IceGen has gained the industry and clients’ credibility providing excellent industrial refrigeration engineering design, systems integration and competitive industrial installations. IceGen has responded to clients’ needs and the industry with innovation while addressing environmental concerns & rising processing costs by producing sustainable processes and state of the art refrigeration technology.

The company holds numerous worldwide patents and maintains an experienced team of engineers and specialized operators committed to service our clients.

Centrally located with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and with a wide distribution network in the USA, IceGen has designed and serviced clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

From Pioneer to Industry Leader

IceGen’s technology was developed by Mikhail Mogilevski, who is considered by the industry, as the grandfather of the slurry ice process.

Mr. Mogilevski’s technical design skills have also been applied to HVAC and water desalination plants.

Mikhail and IceGen’s engineering team successfully collaborated in the development of the innovative plate heat exchangers and the hydrodynamic characteristics of ice crystallization fraction rates control, which is responsible for IceGen’s industrial presence and leadership providing innovative cooling solutions.

Industry Transformation

One of the key benefits of IceGen’s technology is the smooth flow that surrounds products completely, leaving no air pockets while extracting heat on contact rapidly and efficiently. IceGen’s patented systems and processes can meet the demands for direct or indirect cooling refrigeration needs of multiple industries.

IceGen’s successful commercial and industrial installations of cooling technologies with plate heat exchangers is the result of many years of direct industrial installation experience. Our technology has been installed around the world, providing substantial operational improvements to commodities in transit and cost savings for our industrial customers in industries such as:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Food and beverages
  • Fruits and fresh produce processing
  • Fishing plants and processing marine vessels
  • Sport venues and arenas (Winter Olympic games in Sochi)
  • Wastewater, oil and gas and processing plants (ice pigging)
  • District cooling, supermarkets, industrial kitchens and catering services

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