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IceGen: Thermal Energy Solutions

The most efficient processing, storage and transport in the industry.

IceGen offers comprehensive state of the art advanced refrigeration and cooling engineering services that provide project management, feasibility analysis, construction, automation and process control systems to several industries and processes.

IceGen has been at the forefront of research and development of microscopic ice crystals for adequate and fast refrigeration, the development of automated filling and insulated containerization shipping systems and the formulation of freezing point depressants such as the two-phase coolant technology which represents significant cost reductions of up to 50%.

The applications are endless, the solutions are simple.


  • Aircraft supporting systems i.e. jet fuels savings, APU, costs, etc.
  • Automated filling and insulated container refrigeration systems
  • Supermarkets, industrial kitchen and catering, district refrigeration
  • Two phase coolant transfer fluid technology development with mono propylene glycol
  • Microscopic slurry ice larger surface area capabilities
  • Power, sustainable environmental development and intelligent saving automation, etc.


  • On site and portable operations
  • Batch or continuous applications
  • Reduce pumping and power costs
  • Preserves and protects products integrity
  • Much faster freezing times
  • Lower energy cost to freeze
  • Improved quality control
  • Works when heat exchangers can’t
  • Faster than a blast freezer with less energy than a cold room
  • Much longer transport window
  • Much lower cost than cooling alternatives
  • Eliminate offloading issues
  • No hazardous materials in plant
  • Faster process & production time
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